Almost all end-users are unaware of the number of files they have shared with collaborators outside the organization. While Tricent helps admins get an overview across your organization and set up a structured approach to future cleanup, it also heightens your end-users’ understanding of the risks involved in sharing data without an expiration date.


There are several challenges here:

  • Users don’t think about sharing expiration
    Sharing files is all about collaboration, but when most users share data it usually happens without an expiration date. This means that the data the shared files contain is available to the external parties forever. And if that company has a data leak or is hacked, this will include your data.
  • Users are unaware of the amount of data they share
    In a busy work week, few of us realize the amount of shared data that accumulates over the years. The number of unnecessarily shared files can easily reach the hundreds in just a year.
  • Users have no place to go for a sharing overview
    Getting a list of all of the externally shared files and folders is difficult.


With Tricent, end-users can get regular notification emails about files that likely are unnecessarily shared. They are also provided with access to an overview of everything they have shared externally and how that amount has evolved over time.

This makes the end-users aware of the amount of data shared and the fact that if they don’t act, the data is shared forever.

See how you do that with Tricent for Google Workspace