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Be in complete control of your organization's shared files

Tricent dashboard for Microsoft 365

Enable safer file sharing from OneDrive, SharePoint, & Teams

Asking your users to clean up files, folders, and Teams that should no longer be shared is a monumental task, and often not met with excitement. That's why we have created Tricent. You can simply set up automated policies that either work autonomously or by including the end users. With a few clicks, you are on your way to improving your file sharing governance within your Microsoft 365 suite.

Tricent's compliance settings
Share and collaborate safely

Involve end users

There is nothing wrong with sharing, as long as you share the right things, with the right people, for the right amount of time. It is our experience that end users are the ones who know which files fall into what category. With Tricent, you can create an automated flow where end users are prompted by email to decide if Teams and files should still be shared. If they do nothing, Tricent will remove external permissions automatically.

Take action from real insights

Get in-depth visibility into your organization’s shared files and users’ sharing practices to better:

  • Identify who has access to your files, folders, and Teams
  • Audit Teams, files, folders, external users, and domains in a matter of seconds
  • Perform bulk operations to revoke external access to your Teams, folders, and files
  • Set an expiration date for shared files and folders
  • Manually ask file and folder owners to review external permissions
Insightful actions with Tricent

Tricent In Action

Uncover the Diverse Uses of Tricent

Stop sharing with private emails

Detect and revoke access to files shared with private emails to reduce risks like data theft and unauthorized access.

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Stop sharing with compromised domains

Quickly revoke file access from risky domains to prevent breaches and ensure regulation compliance.

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Involve employees in unsharing files

Streamline unsharing files by involving end-users in the process, reduce admin load and boost external collaboration.

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Increase Data-Sharing Risk Awareness

Tricents brings users attention to file over-sharing, external data exposure, and unlimited share periods.

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Remove Old Vendor Access

Quickly remove old vendors' file access to avoid data breaches and non-compliance.

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Pre-Unshare File Alerts

Tricent alerts users before unsharing files, maintains control, reduces admin work, and ensures secure file-sharing.

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Keep sharing.

Most people don’t remember to unshare files they’ve shared with others. Tricent remembers for you!

Tricent dashboard on Microsoft 365