Sharing data with external parties is at the heart of collaboration for the modern organization. But getting a complete overview of the externally shared files is surprisingly difficult - both when it comes to what is shared and who the data is shared with. Additionally, data can be shared in a number of different ways, which can only complicate the matter.


There are several challenges here:

  • Sharing can happen from different locations
    Sharing of files doesn’t just happen from the employee’s own cloud drive, but can also come from a number of other locations - shared drives, teams, collaboration groups etc.
  • Access to files can be inherited
    External access to files doesn’t always arise because someone has shared a file directly. Access can also come from the external user’s access to the folder that contains the file, or through membership of a group, team or drive sharing the file.


With Tricent you can easily get an overview of all the files and folders that are shared externally across the entire organization. Through searches and filters, you can focus on a specific subset of externally shared files. How about looking at all the files that the employees in your organization have shared with a specific domain?

And the overview comes complete with information about who the individual files and folders are shared with, where they are located, and ways to remove them - both at bulk level, but also through tools that can do targeted removal of individual shares on the file.