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Microsoft partner?

You already sell and support Microsoft 365 for a host of clients, delivering the best in value and service. You might wonder how you can add even more value to your customers, and that’s where the partner program comes into play. Reach out to us, learn more, and quickly be able to add another tool to your arsenal.


You might spend your days supporting and advising Microsoft customers in your region or around the world. Why not provide even more value and boost your business at the same time? Go ahead and get in touch with us to get started.

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What do you get?

Member benefits

Special pricing

As a partner, you get a great pricing deal to make the partnership both lucrative and meaningful, and of course, you get a great deal on using Tricent at the company as well.

Sales and marketing

We are here to help and support you in any way possible. Need a Tricent team-member to join your meeting? No problem! Need help with technical or presales issues? We have got you covered.

Training and support

We will assist you with all sorts of training and support, to make sure your whole team is up to speed on all aspects of Tricent.

More leads

We are not afraid of giving back. If we are talking to one of your customers, we will reach out to you and get you engaged.

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