File sharing governance, automated.

Enable more secure file sharing within Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, so you can keep collaborating, responsibly.

Tricent dashboard for Microsoft 365

Tricent In Action

Uncover the Diverse Uses of Tricent

Stop sharing with private emails

Detect and revoke access to files shared with private emails to reduce risks like data theft and unauthorized access.

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Stop sharing with compromised domains

Quickly revoke file access from risky domains to prevent breaches and ensure regulation compliance.

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Involve employees in unsharing files

Streamline unsharing files by involving end-users in the process, reduce admin load and boost external collaboration.

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Increase Data-Sharing Risk Awareness

Tricents brings users attention to file over-sharing, external data exposure, and unlimited share periods.

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Remove Old Vendor Access

Quickly remove old vendors' file access to avoid data breaches and non-compliance.

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Pre-Unshare File Alerts

Tricent alerts users before unsharing files, maintains control, reduces admin work, and ensures secure file-sharing.

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Take control of your organization’s shared files

Ungoverned file sharing poses risks for your regulatory demands, compliance efforts and overall cybersecurity stance. Tricent helps you to take control.

Increase productivity without increasing risks

When collaborating externally, your security layer only becomes as strong as those you share files with. With Tricent enabled you can promote responsible collaboration for optimal productivity while mitigating the risks associated.

Stay in control of shared files over time

Proper file sharing governance is not just about cleaning up what’s already been shared, but proactively managing file permissions and shares going forward, as well. Tricent automates your sharing policies to minimize exposure over time.

Raise awareness and accountability

Take manual police work of deciding which files should be unshared away from critical IT resources. Tricent automatically delegates the review of shared files directly to end users so they can proactively extend sharing if needed.

File Sharing Governance for Google and Microsoft

As an official Google and Microsoft Partner, Tricent is the perfect add-on for enabling a more secure and compliant collaboration.

Tricent for Google Workspace dashboard

Tricent for Google Workspace

Google Workspace organizations have collaboration at the heart of them. With the average employee sharing nearly 2 files per day, file sharing governance is table stakes. Tricent can help.

Tricent for Microsoft dashboard

Tricent for Microsoft 365

In Microsoft 365, employees can share files from SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive. Tricent helps you get in control with proper file sharing governance. Keep collaboration high, while mitigating the risks.

Keep sharing.

Most people don’t remember to unshare files they’ve shared with others. Tricent remembers for you!

Tricent dashboard on Microsoft 365