File sharing governance for Google Workspace

Be in complete control of your organization's shared files

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Automated file sharing governance

Have you ever asked your users to clean up their shared files to minimize your company’s exposure? It’s often a mammoth task, which seems impossible to truly bring over the finish line. With Tricent, you can easily set up automated policies that delegate share extension responsibilities to your end users. Making for an efficient process, that also saves you valuable time and resources.

Drive cleanup in Tricent
End user driven cleanup

Involve end users

Who actually knows if a file should stay shared? Usually, it will be the person who shared it. That is why we built Tricent for Google Workspace, to actively engage the end users, asking them to consider batches of files at set intervals. That way you do not overwhelm them, but steadily reduce your external exposure of shared files.

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Uncover the Diverse Uses of Tricent

Stop sharing with private emails

Detect and revoke access to files shared with private emails to reduce risks like data theft and unauthorized access.

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Stop sharing with compromised domains

Quickly revoke file access from risky domains to prevent breaches and ensure regulation compliance.

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Involve employees in unsharing files

Streamline unsharing files by involving end-users in the process, reduce admin load and boost external collaboration.

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Increase Data-Sharing Risk Awareness

Tricents brings users attention to file over-sharing, external data exposure, and unlimited share periods.

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Remove Old Vendor Access

Quickly remove old vendors' file access to avoid data breaches and non-compliance.

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Pre-Unshare File Alerts

Tricent alerts users before unsharing files, maintains control, reduces admin work, and ensures secure file-sharing.

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Domain and account specific unsharing

Recently cut ties with a vendor? Not happy that you are sharing files with personal email accounts? Need to remove access to all shared files belonging to a part of the company that is being sold? It’s easy with Tricent for Google Workspace. Enter the account or domain you want to revoke access for, and find all the files across My Drive and shared drives to remove access instantly.

Too many old shared files to manage?

Do you just want to get rid of any shared files that have not been modified in more than 6 months? Or 18 months? Or any other time frame? Easy! Select the accounts that have shared files, and use Tricent’s bulk unshare feature to instantly remove the permissions.

Image of My Drive Cleanup

Keep sharing. Responsibly.

Most people don’t remember to unshare files they’ve shared with others. Tricent remembers for you!

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