There are no problems,
only solutions

In 2018, one of our clients came to us with a problem. As one of the fastest growing fintech companies in Europe, they needed a piece of software to manage document sharing with third parties.

At first, we developed an advanced back-end software that followed a blanket approach to unsharing which allowed admin users to remove file sharing permissions across the organization. We quickly realized that this created a gray area: Who decides what to unshare? We had to engage the end users.

Today we have a file sharing governance solution built to enable the full value of productivity suites. Designed with a focus on simplicity and the objective to optimize workflows rather than disrupting them.

Our story

Managing files, so you don't have to

Tricent is a sister company of Apps People. Apps People has been a Google Enterprise Partner since 2008 and is one of the longest standing Google Enterprise Partners for Google Workspace worldwide.

Having worked with Scandinavian and international clients alike, our approach to the development of Tricent is based on our founder’s insight into not only Google itself but also the many third-party tools that are supported and resold every year.

In early 2022, having realized that the file-sharing problem is common among most companies around the world, we launched our product for Microsoft, which was met with great enthusiasm and rapidly expanded our potential customer base.

Client feedback fuels our efforts and our experienced software architects observe and translate the feedback into planet-scale production. Add to that our team of automation experts and customer support gurus. This is what makes us confident in our ability to scale fast and grow rapidly.

We understand the process of working with partners and software vendors. We always strive for excellence in delivery and daily support, so when we say, ‘there are no problems, only solutions’ – we mean it.