IT and security professionals are busy people, and ensuring that you are continuously updated on the sharing behavior of any organization’s users can be a daunting and time-consuming task.


There are several challenges here:

  • Getting an overview is tricky
    The native systems don’t provide administrators an overview across the organization of how sharing has developed over time.
  • A large dataset
    Checking into systems to get an overview through individual users' sharing behaviour is not realistic.
  • Understanding unusual sharing behavior
    A sudden and atypical change in almost any behaviour of user accounts may be an indication of something being wrong. And data sharing behavior is no exception. 


With Tricent, Administrators can choose to receive recurring emails detailing the trends in key sharing numbers across the organization. Is data sharing on the rise? Have we started sharing data with new companies?

The email also lists sharing anomalies that have occurred in the chosen period. In the Tricent app, administrators can dive deeper into the numbers to discover anomalities at user level and even break that down into singular events, and then act on those insights.