People move around. That means that every once in a while, a colleague will leave your company for one reason or another. It’s common place then, to close down email accounts, move files to an archive account, and other steps usually taken. 

But! When moving shared documents to an archive account for example, the files shared remain intact, which makes sense in a lot of cases… just not the one we’re dealing with here. And with the number of documents etc being shared these days, it’s almost impossible to stay in control of what is shared with who. 

That’s why we always recommend doing what we call a BULK unshare. This way you unshare all documents that have been shared from the account over time, before moving it to a manager, colleague or archival account. Bear in mind that people can always go ahead and ask for access again if need be, and this request will now go to the new owner of the documents who can decide if the sharing is still valid.

Changing vendors or partners

You’ve worked with the same law firm or accountant or advertising agency for years now, and they have access to everything they need, and likely something they don’t need as well. As life would have it, it’s time to change some things, and you’ve decided to move to a different accounting firm that suits your needs better.

Over the years though, people all over your company have been sharing documents with the old accounting firm, which means that they have access to tonnes of information that they really should not have anymore. What a mess!

Have no fear, with Tricent, we’ve built features to select all documents shared, from any drive in the organization, either to a domain or a specific account, and in just a few clicks, get them all unshared.  

Mergers and acquisitions

You have finally managed to complete the legal work to sell off an entity of your company, and acquire a new company as well. Good job, we salute you for the hard work. For regulatory reasons, you now need to cut all ties with the part you are selling off, and before bringing the new acquisition into the fold, they need to cut ties with their old parent company as well. 

Tricent will help you out again! Quickly look up all the documents shared towards specific domains or accounts, and remove the sharing access in just a few clicks. And as if that wasn’t enough, you’ll get your full audit log that it happened, so you’re documented in your work to break old ties and create new ones. 

It’s important to clean up after your sharing, and it’s always easier to do proactively and while the sharing is fresh in mind. But every once in a while, something requires that you go back and work on larger amounts of data to clean up what has taken years to organically create. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out.