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Size: 600+ employees

Lunar is one of the fastest-growing digital banks in the Nordics with well over 500,000 customers. Because of their rapid growth, their Head of IT security, Thomas Stig Jacobsen, wanted to grow their data protection and compliance efforts related to file sharing.


1. Wanting full control over their shared files

“File-sharing is not necessarily a compliance concern in our case, but it’s something we want to be more in control of. In Denmark we have an apt saying, ‘If due diligence can prevent it, we won’t allow a loss to hit us”. We’re trying to implement that on the forefront and be proactive instead of having to deal with a data breach and clean everything up at the same time.”

Like many other growing companies, Lunar works with many external firms and collaborators. Being well aware of how easy it is for (sensitive) data to end up in the wrong hands, Thomas was keen on finding a way to get a full overview of who had access to Lunar's company data.

2. Rapid growth = More shared files

“We’ve started an internal IT department to help with onboarding because that’s very much spread out in the company: some parts are done by HR, some by me or tech. So we’re trying to formulate that and streamline it as well.”

In a short amount of time, the bank grew from 120 employees to now more than 600. Their growth also happened during the pandemic, which meant that IT from afar had to oversee onboarding and how people worked remotely. When new people began working, they also began to share files, so ensuring that a large number of people securely shared files was quite a challenge for the IT department.

3. Cleaning up externally shared files

“I initially thought Tricent was a company doing DLP (Data Loss Prevention) stuff that I could do in Google Workspace, but it’s not really the same thing. I think that was one of the hurdles of trying to figure it out,” Thomas adds.

DLP is a technology within data security that prevents sensitive files from being shared with external parties. What Tricent does, however, is cleaning up files that are already shared with outsiders that no longer need access to them. Furthermore, Tricent offers businesses with a full overview of their externally shared files. 


For Thomas, it was important that employees only spend time on adopting the IT tools they absolutely need. Nonetheless, he realized that their rapid growth equaled more and more files shared, which needed to be under control. “We had a bunch of shared files, primarily in product, marketing, and design, that we wanted to be 100% in control of. We wanted to be proactive and try to limit that in a way that wasn’t super intrusive for our employees.” This is why they decided to use Tricent.

Lunar’s mantra is to make compliance and security easy for employees. Their employees can share files freely, while Tricent makes sure no file is shared forever. In order to achieve their mantra, Lunar found a way to combine data security and collaboration with Tricent. Collaboration suites are built to facilitate collaboration, and while that’s great, it also makes it hard for businesses to protect their shared files. However, with Tricent, it is possible to get a complete overview of the (externally) shared files and remove any unwanted access to them.

“We have a lot of SaaS solutions that are crazy expensive and I think Tricent is fairly priced for what it does. So also based on that, it was a pretty easy decision to make,” Thomas adds. He is often approached by SaaS vendors with complex solutions that have many features. When approached by Tricent, he liked the simplicity, the ease of implementation, and - as he puts it - that the price was reasonable. All in all, making it a very easy choice.


Using Tricent, Lunar employees now have a complete overview of how and with whom they share files, both externally and internally. What’s more, users can rest assured and not worry about forgetting to unshare files. Tricent takes care of that for them.

“There’re still some parts of the organization that need to deliver so much all the time and it’s hard for them to always be on top of sharing, unsharing, and all of that stuff. So to them, Tricent is of great help.”

Lunar is all about giving customers a full overview and control of their banking products and money. Similarly, Tricent offers a complete overview of shared files in collaboration suites and gives users full control over their shared files in the easiest way possible. Following the Lunar way, Tricent makes it easier to do the right thing when it comes to file-sharing and unsharing.

With Tricent, Lunar was able to:

  • Allow their users to share more freely and ease their workload when it comes to the data compliance tasks of unsharing files
  • Get a complete overview of file-sharing habits
  • Easily make file-sharing (and unsharing) compliant

What is Tricent?

Tricent is a compliance tool built for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 that helps businesses mitigate the risk that comes from sharing files with external users. It provides you with automation, control features, and actionable compliance insights so that you can stay on top of your shared files.  

With Tricent you’re able to: 

  • Understand who has access to company’s (sensitive) files
  • Mitigate the risk that comes with sharing files externally
  • Declutter files of former stakeholders
  • Automate compliance (GDPR, ISO 27001, etc)
  • Respond to third-party data breaches 
  • Support external collaboration

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