Get the answer to the 5 biggest sharing concerns …

  1. Shared Folders vs. Shared Drives?
  2. Should you use Shared Drives? How do you go about the sharing permissions?
  3. Can you prevent others from re-sharing your sensitive files?
  4. How do you deal with the “Shared With Me” situation?
  5. How should you manage your shared files and folders?  

Does Chanel Greco sound familiar to you? 🤔

Well, if you’re a Google Workspacer, then it probably does.

Chanel is a Google Workspace Educator and Developer Expert, C2C Community Manager, and the founder of Saperis.

She’s known for her YouTube tutorials which have been viewed by almost 500.000 users. What’s more, she was recently contacted by Domestika to make a comprehensive Google Workspace masterclass.  

We have asked Chanel to share her insights and strategies when it comes to the best file-sharing practices.  

You can ask her anything during the Q&A session. We guarantee that it will be an insightful discussion.

Check out her YouTube tutorials

What her students say about Chanel 🙌

Thanks Chanel Greco!! ... Awesome job - one of the best (and most patient!) trainers I’ve seen goin’ round!

Amy, IT Project Manager at one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Europe

It was superb how you made coding look so easy. Enjoyed every minute! Thank you for this experience!

Michael, Project Manager at one of the largest energy suppliers in Europe