6 Reasons Why You Need to Join:  

  1. The number of cyberattacks is increasing at an alarming rate
  2. Many organizations are still failing to properly secure their remote workforce
  3. More non-compliance penalties are being issued today than ever!
  4. Human error keeps being THE biggest data leak threat
  5. Data breaches cost businesses: customers, reputation, and severe financial consequences.  
  6. Organizations struggle with identifying and containing data breaches

… and that’s just to name a few reasons

Get Advice From A Top-Rated Google Workspace Expert

Paul Ogier has taught more than 10.200 IT professionals about everything there’s to know about Google Workspace. Helping them go from the basics to being headhunted by government and corporate entities.

His course has become a best-seller on Udemy and rated 4.6 out of 5.


Paul’s passion for Google Workspace and IT means he is always updated on the latest features and trends. His enthusiasm for tech and teaching is evident by the 2,382 positive reviews.

We have asked Paul to share his expertise and recommendations when it comes to security in Google Workspace.  

You can ask him anything during the Q&A session. We guarantee that it will be an insightful discussion!

What IT Professional Say About Paul’s Expertise

“Fantastic course, highly recommended”

— Reaz A.

“This course is excellent”

— Monica V.

“We are moving to Google Workspace and I’ve been able to contribute valuable knowledge learned through this course”

— Cliff H.


— Joe G.

25 Years of Security Experience Will Be “Leaked”  

Michael Hove worked as the Senior Security Specialist at one of the largest banks in Scandinavia, and as an Ethical Hacker for the first cybersecurity start-up in Denmark (which later got acquired by PwC).

…. So he knows EVERY trick in the book 😎

Michael has advised Google representatives, solved several serious vulnerability issues for larger enterprises, and helped numerous businesses build a strong Cloud infrastructure.

Michael is today responsible for Tricent’s IT Security, and during this webinar, he’ll be “leaking” his 25 years of security expertise with you.    

You can ask him anything during the Q&A session.

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What if you found a magic way to:

  • Detect what employees are exposing outside your domain?
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Whether it’s shared credit card details, confidential documents, audio recordings, or anything else that’s out there, you’ll learn how to get started with Tricent.