Finn’s formula to get 4X more deals

  • Build interest in Google Workspace over “you know how”  (the M-word)
  • Overcome the most common sales objections
  • Get insights into his different pitching methods
  • Hear how Finn quadrupled his Workspace customer base in just 3 years
  • … and more!

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Meet the Growth Hacker, Finn H. Krusholm

Finn H. Krusholm has more than 10 years of experience in selling, coaching, and closing deals within Google Workspace.

In only 3 years, he quadrupled the customer base of what became the best-performing Google Workspace reseller in the Nordics. During that time, Finn co-founded Tricent with the intent of solving one of the pain points of Google Workspace: forgetting to unshare sensitive Google Drive files.

We have persuaded him to share how he overcomes some of the objections of going Google. Use this webinar to get to know the customers, the pains, and the different angles to close more deals.