In the realm of IT, onboarding and offboarding processes carry significant weight. These procedures can be cumbersome, often involving intricate steps that can lead to oversights if not managed meticulously. Advanced automation solutions have emerged as a panacea for these challenges, addressing issues typically encountered by IT professionals in these tasks.

Streamlining Onboarding with Automation

Onboarding often requires meticulous attention to detail. Here are some sophisticated solutions to common challenges:

  • Hardware and Software Provisioning: Leveraging tools like Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or Jamf Pro for Macs can automate the process of configuring new devices, installing necessary software, and ensuring compliance with company policies.

  • Access Management: Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools like Okta, OneLogin, or Azure Active Directory can automate the process of granting, updating, and revoking access based on role changes. This not only reduces manual workload but also mitigates the risk of unauthorized access.

  • Training: Utilizing advanced Learning Management Systems (LMS) like SAP SuccessFactors or Adobe Captivate Prime can deliver personalized training modules to new hires, allowing them to learn at their own pace while providing IT with insights into their progress.

Enhancing Offboarding with Automation

Offboarding, while often overlooked, holds equal importance. Below are some advanced solutions to typical issues:

  • Revoking Access: IAM tools can also automate the offboarding process by instantly revoking system access. This prevents any potential data breaches and ensures former employees cannot access sensitive information post-departure.

  • Retrieving Company Equipment: Asset management systems such as IBM Maximo or ServiceNow Asset Management can track company-owned hardware and send automated reminders for equipment return during offboarding.

  • Managing Employee Files: A major challenge during offboarding is ensuring the correct handling of departing employees' files. Tools like Tricent can automate this process, preventing unauthorized access and confusion over file ownership.

Unsharing Files with Tricent

Tricent provides a comprehensive solution to the file management challenges often encountered during offboarding:

  • Confusion Over File Ownership: Tricent's advanced file ownership identification ensures that all relevant information is preserved and the continuity of project data is maintained.

  • Unauthorized Access: Tricent enables organizations to unshare files that the off-boarded employee has been sharing with external sources, without deleting them internally. This safeguards against unauthorized access while retaining valuable internal resources.

  • Loss of Internal Resources: By unsharing files instead of deleting them, Tricent ensures the preservation of potentially valuable resources and historical records.


Automation in IT onboarding and offboarding processes can significantly alleviate the complexities typically encountered by IT professionals. Advanced solutions like SCCM, IAM tools, SAP SuccessFactors, ServiceNow Asset Management, and Tricent can streamline these processes, mitigating common issues such as unauthorized access, loss of resources, and confusion over file ownership. With these advanced automation tools at their disposal, IT departments can ensure efficient and secure onboarding and offboarding procedures.