Boost your Google Workspace security

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  • Who can access your Google Drive files?
  • How many files are shared externally?
  • How many public links users have created?
  • Can sensitive files be copied, printed, and downloaded?
  • Are users sending email attachments?
“By protecting your files, you’re protecting your business”

— Tricent

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The risk of sharing

Businesses may grow in staff or people may simply be sharing more now as a result of covid-19.  Regardless of the cause, one thing is certain. We share more than ever, and that poses a greater risk.

the reactive approach

The reactive approach

What can be done about files shared with outsiders? Who can view, edit, and share your documents? Which files are still being shared by former employees? We’ll go through the different tools that can help identify the files that have already been shared.

the proactive approach

The proactive approach

Learn about the different methods to prevent staff from: sharing confidential documents with outsiders, creating public links, and much more.

We’ll cover some security settings in the Google Admin Console, as well as some other ways to help users become more proactive in the security of your business files.  


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Saleh Ramadan

More than 5000 Google Workspace Admins around the world have taken his course on Udemy. Saleh has obtained several Google certifications and is today working as the Technical Consulting Officer at iSolutions.


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Michael Hove

Meet our Chief Information Security Officer. Michael has more than 25 years of experience with data security and IT infrastructure. He was the Senior Security Specialist at Saxo Bank.