Create a secure file-sharing environment

✅ Understand the risk of disabling file-sharing
✅ Configure the Google Admin Console to prevent data leakages  
✅ Set an expiration date for shared files
✅ Disallow employees to share files via public links
✅ Audit files shared with outsiders through GAM
✅ Apply the principle of least privilege to all file- sharing
✅ Get tips and best practices for sharing files with external collaborators
... and much more!

What you will learn:

Google Drive - Chapter 1.jpg

Chapter 1 - The Organization

Did you know that files sent as email attachments live eternally, cannot be revoked and might be forwarded to others than the intended recipient(s)?

This chapter explains why disallowing users to share files and documents with others could be a potential cyber risk.

Google Drive - Chapter 2.jpg

Chapter 2 - The Sysadmin

This chapter shows you how to protect and promote document collaboration.  

You’ll learn about specific data protection settings in the Google Admin Console and about the Drive DLP.  

P.S.There are screenshots for every action you need to do in the Google Admin Console.

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