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Why is Tricent necessary?

Know who has access to your organization's files - and who shouldn't!

Companies using Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace have no idea of how many files employees are sharing externally, but also who has access to them. Not knowing about your digital footprint could pose a security and compliance risk for your business.

But with Tricent, you get full visibility into every single file that's shared outside your organization (e.g. file-sharings made by former employees)

Respond to file-sharing risks in a matter of seconds, not days

Knowing your digital footprint doesn't mean much if you can't do anything about it. With Tricent you're able to cut off ties with specific emails or domains so you avoid having your shared files compromised (offboarding, data theft, hacked domains, etc.).

While this would normally take days to execute, it's a job that Tricent can solve in a matter of seconds.

Cut 1,000+ hours of clean-up work, and boost your users' compliance awareness

Unsharing files manually requires a lot of work. That's why Tricent uses automation to help users review and clean up their files that no longer need to be shared.

From a data security perspective, this helps you reduce your organization's data exposure on an ongoing basis while also increasing your users' compliance awareness.


€1.50 / month
Per user

(Businesses with less than 50 users need to pay for 50 licenses to get Tricent)

Tricent helps you

Enforce compliant and secure file-sharing procedures

Tricent ensures that files shared by employees cannot be made accessible to external users forever.

Engage end-users with little to no effort

Employees will automatically be notified when their shared files require a compliance review. 

Clean up shared files automatically

If employees do not respond to the notification email, Tricent proceeds to clean up the external file permissions. 

Audit external and internal permissions

Keep track of who has access to your sensitive files by auditing the permissions of internal and external users.

Remove (external) permissions

Clean up file-permissions in bulk or through compliance automation.

Automate compliance

Enforce clean-up policies suited to your organization and help meet GDPR, CCPA, and other strict regulatory requirements.

Demonstrate compliance

Always be on top of data shared outside the organization through audit logs, insights, and dashboards. 

Embed “privacy by design”

By addressing the end-users, you can meet the necessary measures to ensure information security.  

How does Tricent work?

'Set and forget' your automated cleanup policy

Ensure that no critical data is shared outside your domain for longer than needed.

The compliance settings allow you to configure a time frame for how long files are allowed to be shared with external users.

Tricent will not only help you ensure stronger information security (as you can be 100% certain that no file is ever left unattended), but it will also help your users share files in a secure and compliant way when using Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Don't worry, users will know before anything gets unshared

Tricent is built to support collaboration, so it won't cut off any external file access without letting the users know about it first.

In other words, users will be notified when it's time to review their shared files. They can either ignore the notification and let Tricent do the clean-up work or extend the file-sharing period if it's needed for their work.

This approach gives you the best of two worlds: data control and collaboration.

Organizations have 100% control of all shared files

Need to understand your digital footprint or respond to any file-sharing risks? Well, with Tricent you can.

Tricent provides you with a set of insights and investigation features to help you understand the current state of your organization's files. For example, the number of externally shared files, files shared with private emails or untrusted domains, or any suspicious file-sharing behavior among your users.

On top of insights, Tricent gives you a set of actionable features to respond to any critical situation. For example, to bulk un-share files of a former employee, respond to a third-party breach instantly, or clean up files of specific emails or teams.

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